After 3.5 years of existence we have decided to do our first large giveaway, and there couldn't be a better timing to give back to the community in such a world financial crisis.

We understand there are countless people entering this crisis in a very bad shape, and we plan on giving a lot more in the near future to assist in any way possible.

Due to our incredible analysts we have managed not only to protect our self's and our unbelievable community, but also to create huge gains during the crisis as well, by selling Bitcoin right at the top at $10,277!

And on top of that, sell our altcoins right at their top as well a month ago.

In this giveaway we will be giving away $25,000 in pure cash(bitcoin), rest are in premium packages!

In order to Participate:

-Register on our website

-Retweet our Giveaway tweet

30 winners will be selected out of those who complete these 2 simple steps!

Prize List:

1-10: $2500 (0.42btc)

11-15: 6 Months Premium Package

16-35: 2 Months Premium Package

(Pay attention, Bitcoin price might change by the time this event is over, therefore prize amount in USD could be different then described)

Winners will be selected on the 13 of April.